Using the Scripture index

On the Advanced Search screen, you will see a set of tabs along the top left edge of the screen.  First, let’s click on the tab marked Indexes.


On the lower part of the screen, under Indexes, open the drop-down menu beside the words Browse an Index.  From the drop-down list, choose Scripture Reference (or, Scripture Citation).  Then, type in the passage you are looking for, in the space beside the words Browse for :


When you’ve done this, click the Browse button.

You receive a list of articles in this data store that concentrate upon the passage you are looking for.  The display also shows you how many articles deal with each passage.  Of course, scholars writing their articles or essays are free to define the passage as they wish. Some writers define the pericope as Acts 2:1-4, while others have chosen to discuss Acts 2:3, or Acts 2:3-4, or even a longer passage such as Acts 2:1-41.  Clearly, several of these choices do include the passage you want.

Note that you need to scroll way down the list to Acts 2:3.  The list is unfortunately NOT in canonical order, but in strictly numerical order, so verse 3 comes after verse 11, 14, 25 and so on.  This is a regrettable shortcoming of automatic indexing that the Hierarchical Scripture Authority is meant to overcome.  But this program lacks the hierarchical feature.

Click in the little box next to each passage you wish to include in your search.  You can select as many as you like.  Once you have selected them, click on Add.


The program will bundle together the passages you have chosen into the Search box near the top of the screen.  Then, you can bring up all of those articles in one go, by clicking on the Search button.


You will receive a set of results including all of the articles you have chosen.

You can perform this same operation using the Scripture Tab feature. The difference between these processes is merely superficial.  In each case, you will need to figure out the right citation format for the book of the Bible you are working on : for First Samuel you must enter Samuel, 1st (and so on with similar books).

To view a video created by the ATLA to help with this type of search, click HERE.

PLEASE NOTE : The Religion and Philosophy Collection (RPC) is not equipped with Scripture reference or Scripture browse searching.