ATLA Religion Database & ATLA Serials (ATLAS)

Learning to use the ATLA Religion Database and ATLA Serials (ATLAS)

How do you find articles in periodicals, or essays within collected works, or book reviews?  The best indexing tool for this information in the field of religious studies is the ATLA Religion Database (RDB).  The ATLA-RDB is available to all users here inside the Library, and to authorized patrons remotely using any computer with internet access and a web browser, using the EBSCOHost interface.

In addition, ATLA-RDB provides full-text access to ATLAS, an online collection of more than 300 major religion and theology journals chosen by leading religion scholars and theologians. Users are able read scanned images of the articles they select, directly through the database.

How to connect to the ATLA database online

On our Library public website, choose Online Databases, under the RESEARCH & RESOURCES tab. Click on ATLA-RDB and ATLAS index and e-journals. If you are on our campus network (in the Library, faculty offices, etc) you will be connected seamlessly to the resource you requested. If you are off campus, you will be asked to supply your user ID and password. Do not enter the barcode and PIN you use to login to the UPSem Library catalog.


For UPSem students, staff and faculty

Your network login (the one you use for our campus email system or Blackboard) should give you remote access to these resources. Don’t include the UTSNT\ prefix; just use the personal name part of your network user ID (such as jane.doe or jdoe), and your password.

For students, staff and faculty of BTSR

Your login will normally be the initial of your first name plus last name, such as jdoe; your password will be the last six digits of your Library barcode number, as shown on your access card.  If you have trouble connecting, you may need to check with our Circulation Supervisor, to make sure your current user ID and password are entered into our proxy server. Please contact Lisa Janes at 804-278-4335 or for further information.

For alumni/ae of Union, PSCE or BTSR

Please consult the ATLAS for Alumni/ae page and follow the instructions there.  You must obtain a special login ID and password specifically for this purpose.