Pastoral Care Links

Care Calendar A web-based calendar system that allows churches to organize meals and other help for persons or families in need.

Care Pages A site that allows the creation of a private community to update family and friends about a person’s health crisis. Although another person other than the one who is sick can set up a site, it goes without saying that this should never be done without the sick person’s permission.

Caring Bridge A site similar to Care Pages designed for communication with family and friends during a medical issue. Both sites allow messages from those who have permission to access the site.

Lotsa Helping Hands Create a private online community (everyone who participates must have a free account) that allows coordination of all sorts of care for someone in need. When someone has need of a many kinds of help – childcare, transportation, meals, etc. – this site can be a lifesaver.

Meal Train When meal coordination is all that is needed, such as when a family brings home a new baby, this is an excellent resource. Someone must have an account and set up the schedule, but then a link can be shared on Facebook or through email for those who want to sign up without creating an account.

Take Them a Meal Very similar to MealTrain. Explore both to see which might fit your needs best.

This page is constantly under development.  Check back often for other links. Contact us with mission resources on the internet that you have found helpful and we will add them here.