Morton Library (Pettee) Classification System

Beginning in October 2017, the Morton Library will be undergoing a reclassification to change all of our call numbers in the stacks to the Library of Congress system.  For a few years, there will be two parallel collections, and there will be almost constant stacks shifting during this process.  We apologize for any complications.  If you have trouble finding something, please do come to the Circulation Desk for help.

The classification scheme now used by the library was developed at Union Theological Seminary in New York and is designed specifically for theological book collections. Its notation (symbol system) makes use of the 26 letters of the alphabet plus numerals. Some fifteen theological seminary libraries make use of these schedules. A broad table of the contents of this scheme, together with identification of collections by stack decks, will be found below.



AA - AZGeneral Bibliography


BA - BZLanguage and Literature


CB - CTBible (whole) Lower Level West
DA - DYOld Testament
EA - EZApocryphal Literature and Judaism
FA - FYNew Testament


GA - GHChurch Fathers
GI - GYReformers - Theologians


HA - HZHistory, general (more than one country)
IA - IYChurch History, general (more than one country)
JA - JZHistory of doctrine (not denominational)
JR Ecumenical Literature
KA - KZDenominational History (more than one country)
KP Presbyterianism: general, all countries

[History or Church History limited to a single country is in next section]


LA - MLEuropean countries and the United States
L is found on Lower Level West -- M on Second Level West
MIA United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.
MIB Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
MJA Presbyterian Church in the U.S.
Please note : some PCUS judicatory and agency records have been moved into basement storage. Please ask at the Circulation Desk for assistance. For a list of records now in basement storage, click HERE.
ML - MZAsia, Canada, and Mexico
NB - NVMissions
OA - OZHistory of Religions


PA - PZSciences
PP - PXPsychology, Counseling; PX Pastoral Care
P is found on Second Level West


QA - QZPhilosophy
QY Ethics; QZ Christian Ethics
RA - RBPhilosophy of Religion
RC - RXSystematic Theology


SA - SZSociology and Christian Social Ethics
SH36 Christian Sociology
TA - TYEducation and Religious Education
TX70 Union Seminary; TX80 Union-PSCE
UAThe Church
UB - UFChurch Government and Polity
UG - UUChurch Worship
VA - VZMusic, Hymnology
WA - WWPractical Church Work
WA Church Administration; WB Evangelism;
WP Pastoral Work; WQ5-8 Homiletics; WS Speech;
Radio and Television Broadcasting; WW Sermons
XA - XWChristian Life (practical, inspirational, devotional)
YA - YZFine Arts, Practical Arts
ZPolygraphy, Miscellany, General Periodicals

SPECIAL SYMBOLS Used in Call Numbers

*Volumes which may not be removed from the library building
Ref.Books confined to use in the Reference Room
+An oversized book. Shelved in a separate classified area on the Lower Level East
RareA book shelved under lock and key in the Rare Books/Archives room
CCA book in the children’s collection located on the Second Level East
Atlas CaseLocated in the Reference Room
Per.Periodical volumes arranged in alphabetical order by title on the Lower Level East
Sun Sch19th Century Sunday School Books (Rare Book Reading Room)


A - HLower Level West
I - IFFirst Level North
IJ - LFirst Level East
M - QSSecond Level West
QT - UAThird Level West
UB - ZThird Level East

We have recently undertaken a major stacks shift on the ground floor and lower level.
If you have trouble finding something, please ask for help at the Circulation Desk.

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