Extension Department

The William Smith Morton Library offers a mailing service to out-of-town borrowers in the United States who wish to receive library books, videos, DVDs, cassette tapes and CDs through the mail.  An extension borrower must live at least 50 miles from Morton Library in Richmond.  Policies governing the use of Library materials by extension patrons are listed below.

Our borrowing policies determine which members may receive extension services.  If you were an active member on our rolls before April 26, 2008, or if you are an out-of-town alumnus/a of Union (Richmond, Charlotte, or ECP) or BTSR, you are also eligible for extension services at no charge.

Other ordained pastors working in the PCUSA and United Methodist denominations and certified educators working in the PCUSA can receive extension services at a significantly reduced charge of $30/year.

Borrowing Privileges Through Extension

Borrowing PeriodsRenewalsMaximum Number of Items
Books: 5 weeks1 renewal10 books
Videos & DVDs: 4 weeksNo renewal on visual media items3
Cassettes and compact discs: 5 weeks1 renewal10
Curricula: 5 weeksNo renewal10
Kits: 5 weeksNo renewal2

Mailing times are included in these circulation periods.

Only the material types listed above can be mailed to extension patrons.

Mailing Costs

  • Visual Media Items

      • $5 for first item / $1 for each additional item. (A maximum of 3 visual media items loans can be made at one time.)
      • We ship our visual media items via UPS, and we request that you return them via UPS or trackable Priority Mail.
      • Staff may require you to purchase additional insurance to cover the value of items being shipped.
  • Books and Audio Media Items

      • These items are shipped UPS at no cost to you.
      • However, we do accept postage donations to help us defray the cost of mailing.. Checks for postage donations should be made out to Union Presbyterian Seminary sent to Extension Services, 3401 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227.
  • Ordering Information

    • Orders can now be placed directly through our online catalog by placing a hold on an available item. You will need to LOGIN to our catalog, using the barcode number printed on your library access card, and your PIN.   If you do not have a library card or PIN, please contact Lisa Janes at 804-278-4335.

      TO REQUEST BOOKS OR MEDIA ITEMS :  Please use the request form provided below.



      If you have questions, you can use the contact form below to reach us, or contact Mengistu Lemma at 804-278-4337.  PLEASE NOTE : NO REQUESTS CAN BE ACCEPTED BY PHONE.  See ordering information above.

      Extension Services Contact Form

Patron Registration

To register as a patron eligible for extension services, please fill out the patron registration form found HERE.  If you are a PCUSA/UMC pastor or educator, you will also need to mail us:

  • A current letter of authorization from you Executive Presbyter or District Superintendent, indicating that you are in good standing with your presbytery of annual conference.
  • A check made out to Union Presbyterian Seminary for $30 and mailed to Extension Services, 3401 Brook Road, Richmond, VA  23227.