Niebuhr Collection

We are honored to offer this unique collection of  Reinhold Niebuhr’s work on compact disc.  The Reinhold Niebuhr Project was made possible by the cooperation of Union Theological Seminary in New York, the encouragement of Mrs. Reinhold (Ursula) Niebuhr, and the generous support of the Vera and Walter Morris Foundation, Inc.

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Disc Order # Lectures (misc)Year
N665 1Lecture : Augustine's Conception of Selfhood1950
N665 2 pt.1Lecture : How Faith and Reason are Related1950
N665 2 pt.2Lecture : How Faith and Reason are Related (continued)1950
N665 31. Sermon : The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares (Sermon at Harvard Divinity School) 2. Lecture : Christian Faith and Humanism1952

Disc Order #SermonsYear
N665 41. Sermon : Our Lord's Conception of the Providence of God (Mt. 5:44,45) 2. Judgment and Fulfillment In and Beyond History1954 1955
N665 51. Christian Revelation and Human Hope 2. Sermon on Mark 2:15-191955 1956
N665 61. Sermon on Matthew 6:25-7:13 2. Advent Sermon in an Atomic Age1959
N665 71. Parable of the Wheat and the Tares (Sermon at Union Theological Seminary NY) 2. The Idea of the Messianic 3. Sermon on Matthew 241960
N665 81. Faith, Hope, and Love 2. Faith as Trust1960 1961
N665 91. Sermon on Luke 12:13-15 2. The Double Love Commandment1961 1963
N665 101. Sermon on John 1:17 2. Mystery and Moral Demands of the Old Testament Prophets1963 1964
N665 111. Ecumenical Problems and Opportunities 2. Sermon on Galatians 6:2-51966 1967

Disc Order #Chapel TalksYear
N665 121. Faith and Doubt 2. Christian Attitudes Toward Racial Justice 3. Chapel Talk on Romans 10:1-3 4. Chapel Talk on Romans 13:81953/1959
N665 131. Chapel Talk on Mark 2:17 2. The Human Situation Analyzed from Jesus' Own Thought 3. Chapel Talk on II Corinthians 3:1-6 4. Chapel Talk on Isaiah 44:61959/1960
N665 141. Talk to Students on Theological Education 2. Farewell Talk to Students1955 1960

Disc Order #Lectures in Christian EthicsYear
N665 15The Scope of Christian Ethics1960
N665 16Ethics of the New Testament: Jesus in the Synoptics1960
N665 17Ethics of Jesus1960
N665 18Ethics of Jesus and Pauline Ethics1960
N665 19Pauline Ethics1960
N665 20Pauline Ethics and Johannine Ethics1960
N665 21Ethics of the Early Church1960
N665 22Ethics of Constantinian Christianity1960
N665 23Ethics of Augustine1960
N665 24Ethics of Medieval Christianity (Part 1)1960
N665 25Ethics of Medieval Christianity (Part 2)1960
N665 26Ethics of Medieval Christianity (Part 3)1960
N665 27Ethics of Christian Asceticism1960
N665 28Ethics of Chivalry1960
N665 29Ethics of Thomas Aquinas1960
N665 30Ethics of The Renaissance and Reformation1960
N665 31Ethics of Classical Reformation (Part 1)1960
N665 32Ethics of Classical Reformation (Part 2)1960
N665 33Ethics of the Sectarian Protestants - The "Fighting" Sects1960
N665 34Ethics of the Sectarian Protestants - The "Pacifist" Sects1960
N665 35Ethics of the Sectarian Protestants - Wesley; Church & Sect in America1960

Disc Order #Niebuhr on Politics and the WorldYear
N665 361. Foreign Policy 2. American Power and Responsibility1954
N665 37Seminar : The Social Gospel1962
N665 38Lecture : Communism as a Rival to the Christian Faith1960
N665 391. Two Aspects of Our Tumultuous Age 2. Radio Talk : Man and Society1960
N665 40Panel Discussion : The Sum of Our Past - America in World Affairs1961
N665 411. The Meaning of the Birmingham Tragedy 2. Talk on Vietnam1963 1967
N665 421. Panel : The Communication Chasm 2. Amsterdam World Council Assembly Address1969 1948
N665 43Transvaluation of Values (at the University of Chicago) [Donation of Evelyn P. Lytle, M.A. (Princ.) Ph.D.]1952