Reference Assistance

Professional reference staff is available to assist patrons with study and research. In general, the Reference Librarian, Dr. Mengistu Lemma, is available to assist patrons in using the computer catalog, microforms, periodical indexes, and reference and bibliographical tools, whether they are located in the Reference Room, online, or elsewhere in the general collection. The Reference Librarian is trained in theological research and welcomes the opportunity to help you plan and conduct your study projects.

The Reference Librarian is normally available in person Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Morton Library’s Reference Room. For research inquiries that require more than 15 minutes, please make an appointment with Mengistu Lemma by clicking the “Sign Up for a Meeting Time” button on the purple “Ask a Librarian” banner at the top of the library home page. Additionally, remote assistance is available via email (contact Mengistu at, phone (office phone: 804-278-4333, and Facebook messenger.

  • Assistance with archival materials and special collections is available by appointment. Contact Ryan Douthat at

A few Reference Room reminders:

Books and periodicals may not be removed from the Reference Room except for photocopying. Please return them to the book truck in the Reference Room.
Materials should not be reshelved either in the Reference Room or in the stack areas but left on the book truck in the center of the Reference Room.
There may be duplicate copies of Bibles, commentaries, and other reference materials in the stacks, in case you would like a circulating copy. Also, remember that we keep only a small sample of commentaries in the Reference Room — there are many additional titles available in the stacks.
Please do not bring food of any kind into the Reference Room; drinks must be in covered, spill-proof containers.
We try to maintain a quiet environment in the Reference Room. Please do not carry on conversations there (the building contains many group study rooms for people working together). Cell phones should be turned off or taken outside.



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