All telephone extensions are in the 804 area code and have the prefix 278-4.  So, from off campus the extension 310 would be dialed as (804) 278-4310.  Using on-campus phones, you need only the 3-digit number.

Library Staff

Christopher RichardsonSEMINARY LIBRARIANext.
Ryan DouthatElectronic Services Librarianext.
Elaine HooleyAssistant to the Catalogerext.
Lisa JanesCirculation Supervisorext.
Mengistu LemmaAcquisitions Assistant and ILL Specialistext.
David MayoCharlotte Campus Library Director(980)
Jay McNealDigital Lab Assistantext.
Frances MoranAdministrative Assistant to the Directorext.
Dora RoweInstructional Services Librarianext.
Paula SkresletReference and Archives Librarianext.
Irina Topping Catalog and Serials Librarianext.
Bonnie Weber-LehmanCataloging Specialistext.
Jonathan YatesSerials Assistantext.

PLEASE NOTE : Outside researchers seeking assistance with the Archives should consult the Special Collections page

Campus Computer Services

Help Desk Information Technology Department
ext. 266

MAILING ADDRESS for the Richmond library :

William Smith Morton Library
Union Presbyterian Seminary
3401 Brook Road
Richmond, VA 23227