Library Policies


The primary mission of Morton Library is to serve the students and faculty of the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (BTSR) and of Union Presbyterian Seminary. In addition, the Library maintains “partner” library agreements with certain academic institutions in the Richmond area so that our students can have access to their resources.

The William Smith Morton Library is a valued resource of the UPSem community, and it provides access to its collection as well as bibliographic instruction and other services to the students and faculty of BTSR.

The policies set forth in this document seek to

  • support the educational mission of both schools;
  • ensure for all patrons maximum access to the collection;
  • preserve the collection;
  • satisfy consortial agreements with libraries involved in the OCLC interlibrary loan system, and with certain local partner libraries through bilateral agreements;
  • permit access to the library‚Äôs collection to individuals in the church and visiting scholars interested in pursuing serious research and/or instruction.

    • Faculty, staff and currently-enrolled students of UPSem and BTSR also have the privilege of borrowing items from partner libraries in the Richmond area. These libraries are members of the Richmond Academic Library Consortium, or RALC (with the exception of the Library of Virginia and VUU). For access to the online catalogs of the various RALC libraries, click HERE.

      You will need to come to our Circulation Desk or our Reference Desk and ask for a “RALC slip” — a small piece of paper that we will fill in for you, allowing you to borrow up to five items at a time free of charge from one of these libraries. You need a new “RALC slip” every time you visit one of these libraries with the intention of borrowing items. We will ask to see your current and valid William Smith Morton Library card.

      For further information about RALC, including contact data for the Directors and links to information about RALC groups and committees, click HERE.

      Patrons who wish to borrow media items from partner libraries should make those arrangements with the staff in our Instructional Resource Center.

      The borrower will be responsible for returning all items when they are due, to the library from which they were borrowed. The borrower will be liable for any overdue fines or other penalty charges.