Computer Use and Ethernet / Wireless Connections

Our Library is equipped with wireless internet access, covering the whole building. If you have a laptop with a wireless adapter card, you should be able to pick up the signal. The network name is WSML. If you use certain restricted resources (such as online databases), you may be asked to supply your network user ID and password.

For UPSem students, staff and faculty

Your network login (the same one you use for our campus email system or Blackboard) should give you remote access to these resources. Do not use the UTSNT\ prefix; just use the personal name part of your network user ID (such as jane.doe or jdoe).

For students, staff and faculty of BTSR

You may need to check with our Circulation Supervisor, Lisa Janes, to make sure your current user ID and password are entered into our proxy server. Please contact Lisa at 804-278-4335 or for further information.


The patron lounge, located on the lower level, is open to all library patrons. The computer in the lounge is set up with Microsoft Word and an Internet browser and networked to the Canon printer under the first floor atrium stairs. Please do not attempt to modify this computer in any way. See posted policies and procedures. The patron lounge closes 15 minutes before the Library closes each night.

The computer terminals in the rest of the building (especially in the Reference Room) are to be used for access to our online catalog or the Reference databases. For email, word processing, social networking or other personal use, please go to the patron lounge on the lower level.

Use of sexually explicit material on library computers is prohibited. Persons doing so are subject to penalties. We retain the right to determine what is sexually explicit material.

There are also active ethernet ports available in the Reference Room, the Reserve Room and the Instructional Resource Center. In each of these rooms, only a few of the ports are active. Look for a diagram or schematic showing the tables in these rooms — the links that are active are indicated on it. (If you have trouble finding this, please ask for help.) You must have a laptop with an ethernet card and cable to make this connection