Alumni Library Privileges

Here is a summary of the life-long library privileges that are available to alumni account holders:

  • The ability to check out physical materials from either campus library.
    • Up to 10 books, 10 curricula, 10 audio media, 3 visual media, 2 kits and 2 games at a time.
    • Circulation periods of 3 weeks for most items, 2 weeks for DVDs, with one renewal.
  • The ability to access an Alumni Research Portal and other electronic resources online.
  •  The ability to use all library resources (even those licensed for students) while on campus.
    • While on-site in Charlotte or Richmond and connected to one of the Seminary’s Wi-Fi networks, all of the Library’s electronic resources are accessible to alumni.
    • To preview this larger list of resources, visit or
    • All eBooks in the Library catalog are also accessible to alumni while on campus.
  • For those who live a distance away, the ability to request physical library materials through the mail.
    • Alumni who live too far away to check out physical items in person may apply for an “Alumni Extension” account to receive materials through the mail.
    • Resources that may be requested in this way include books, videos and DVDs, cassettes and compact discs, curriculum resources and kits from the Library’s Instructional Resource Center.
  • Reference/research support, including help finding and acquiring materials, document delivery.
    • Research assistance from a team of librarians.
    • If only a portion of a resource is needed, it can be scanned by a librarian and delivered via email.
  • Technical assistance, account-related inquiries and requests
    • If you encounter technical problems while using or attempting to use the electronic resources on the Alumni Research Portal page, you may contact the Library’s Director of Public and Electronic Services Ryan Douthat for help at or 804-278-4217.
    • If you would like to update the contact information in your Library account or be reminded of your online log-in credentials, you may contact Circulation Supervisor Lisa Janes in Richmond (, 804-278-4335) or Kevin Davis in Charlotte (, 980-636-1682) for assistance.

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