Study Carrels

Carrels are intended for use by authorized individuals engaged in defined long-term research projects that require the intensive use of the William Smith Morton Library’s specific holdings and resources. These carrels, as available, will be assigned to advanced degree students (Ph.D., Ed.D. and Th.M. as space permits) for up to one academic year, terminating 30 June; at that point, the student may reapply. Students graduating in the spring should return their carrel keys to the Circulation Desk. Other students and the public are welcome to use unoccupied and unlocked carrels on the second floor, on a first-come first-served basis, for quiet study during the day. These carrels will be emptied out at the end of each day. NO personal items or Library materials should be left in unassigned carrels; Morton Library is not responsible for any lost property left in these carrels. See the Circulation Supervisor for further information.