Personal Conduct

  • Food and Drink

    • Drinks in covered containers with spill-proof tops will be permitted in the Library. This includes travel mugs or bottles with caps; it does not include soda cans or open cups. Drinks will NOT be allowed in the Rare Book Room, the Multimedia Classroom or the Computer Lab.

      Food is now permitted in the Lower Atrium area, and in the Patron Lounge (also, at Library-sponsored and supervised events).  If there is an increase in spills or rubbish in the Library, the policy will be discontinued. Please help us by policing your own behavior.

  • Smoking

    • No smoking is permitted anywhere in the Library. No candles, incense or any other burning material may be used.

  • Conversation and Conduct

    • Each Library user is expected to supervise his or her own behavior, especially in the Reference Room and Reserve Reading Room. By and large this involves only a regard for the rights of one’s fellow students : the avoidance of conversation or noise which will disturb other readers (including cell phones), consideration in not monopolizing more books than can be reasonably used at one time, and respect for the Library’s property and equipment. Persons exhibiting disorderly conduct will be asked to leave the Library.

  • Cell Phones

    • Before you enter the Library, cell phones should be switched to the “silent” setting. To conduct a phone call, please go to the main level Atrium, the atrium bridges on the second or third floors, or outside. Please remember to keep phone conversations at a quiet level and away from public study areas, and take care not to disturb people in neighboring carrels. The Library reserves the right to ask individuals whose conversations are deemed by the library staff as loud or disruptive to take their cellphone conversations outside the Library.

  • Children

    • Young people are welcome to use our materials, especially the Children’s Collection on Second Level East. Please be aware that children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent. Children wishing to use the Library must remember that our study areas are to remain quiet; no disruptive conversation or behavior is acceptable. Computers in the Library are for research only and must not be used for music downloading, social networking, games, entertainment or other personal use.