Assessment — Research Skills at Graduation

Assessment -- Research Skills at Graduation


This assessment is designed to evaluate library skills and information fluency instruction through your time in the Seminary.


I am graduating from the following program: (Click all that apply)(Required)
I attended _______ library research session(s) while I attended Union Presbyterian Seminary.


I am aware of how to create an effective search strategy.(Required)
I am aware of the steps needed to find sources for my project.(Required)
I know how to determine whether a source is reliable.(Required)
I am aware of the need to understand the assignment before beginning my research.(Required)
I am aware of the need to evaluate each source before using it.(Required)
I know how to present the research in medium that is appropriate to the audience.(Required)
I am aware of when my searches are unproductive.(Required)
If I retrieve too many irrelevant results from a search, I revise my strategy.(Required)
I evaluate the materials I retrieve.(Required)
I examine sources for clues to point me toward other sources.(Required)
I try to determine what my professor wants before beginning my research.(Required)
I think about what I need to accomplish before beginning my search for sources.(Required)
I make sure I understand what has to be done and how to do it,(Required)
I try to understand the assignment before I start my research.(Required)
I ask myself if I have consulted all possible resources.(Required)
I analyze the usefulness of my strategies.(Required)
I keep track of my search strategies.(Required)
I ask for help when I can't find a source that I need.(Required)
When I find a source and am unsure of its quality, I look for another source to corroborate the first.(Required)
If some aspect of my research isn't working out, I look at it from another perspective.(Required)
My research skills have improved during my time studying at Union Presbyterian Seminary.

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