Digital Learning Lab Class :: VoiceThread

VoiceThread is an online education platform that allows teachers and students to engage one another and teaching documents via voice, video, and text. This platform is used in hundreds of undergraduate and graduate classrooms and is an effective tool in hybrid/online learning environments; it may be useful in church settings as well.

The problem VoiceThread addresses: Online learning platforms, like BlackBoard and Moodle, are helpful for delivering content–powerpoints, text documents, and video–to students, but there is hardly a way to actively engage the material apart from writing long text responses in a separate document. VoiceThread allows teachers to upload documents and facilitate an active conversation with students using voice, video, and text, all without requiring everyone to be online at the same time. VoiceThreads can be embedded within Blackboard, enriching what is otherwise a more passive teaching tool.

The Class: The IRC’s Digital Learning Lab is offering an introduction to this VoiceThread where we will demonstrate what all you can do with the platform, and also give you an opportunity to try it out for yourself using the free version. This is a very useful tool for online learning!

Check out or watch the video below!

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