Kiosk Now Open for Business

The Library’s Digital Learning Lab has recently purchased a subscription to – an  video-based online training resource that offers self-paced instruction for all sorts of business, creative and technology related needs.  From learning video editing to brushing up on Blackboard skills, learning how to create a Prezi presentation to fine-tuning your Excel knowledge, offers more than 4,000 courses that can help students, faculty and staff become more comfortable with a variety of tools.  To explore everything you can learn, go to and click on “Library”.

We purchased a kiosk subscription which means that we have one dedicated computer in the Lab that is available from 8 – 5 pm Monday-Friday for anyone who wants to use it without a specific login.  (If you want to make sure the kiosk is available when you want it, you might want to make an appointment by calling (804)278-4324.)  Although the ideal way to spread the word about is to provide a campus-wide subscription, we’re trying this approach first.

We’ll have a Open House in the Lab from 1 pm – 5 pm every day next week (April 18 – 22), as well as between 10 am – noon on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 19 – 20).  Come by and let us show you how can help you.