IRC Weekly Schedule Begins TODAY!

Good afternoon!

The Library’s IRC weekly events begin TODAY! What are those? I am so glad you asked!

I will be running a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign in the Digital Learning Lab (next to the IRC) on Monday nights at 5 pm. Our first session is going to be the “Session Zero” with information about character creation and “table rules.”

Also, every week, Robin and I will be offering a Research Lab exploring different things involved in research. We are hosting three different sessions, but it will be the same material each time. After we are done (we will not be talking the entire hour!!) we will be working one-on-one with your specific project. These will be on Tuesday from 10 am-11 am, Wednesday from 2 pm-3 pm, and Friday from 5 pm-6 pm.

The Tech Spotlight is a Zoom drop-in time where I talk about a specific Tech topic. If there is something in particular you want to see, let me know; otherwise I’ll explore different things. Again, I will use some of the time to explore, and the rest working with individual issues related to the topic technology. You will be able to find me here: on Tuesday from 1 pm-2 pm.

On Fridays from 11 am-1 pm, if you want to relax a bit, visit the Makerspace for a guided Crafting day with friends. If there is something particular craft you want to share or do with other people, this is the place to come! It’s a share-and-do, rather than lessons – just a chance to take a creative breather and use some of the fun equipment that we have in the IRC.

See you in the IRC!