E-book off-campus login

As we collect more materials in e-book format, we are working with vendors who have their own distinctive ways of making these titles available.  Current students, faculty and staff of UPSem or BTSR should be able to use these materials in the Library or remotely.

In most cases, you can easily open an e-book by clicking on the “Electronic Access” link in the book’s catalog record.  If you are inside our network (on the Richmond, Charlotte or BTSR campuses), you will probably go straight to the e-book seamlessly with one click.

But if you are outside our IP range (off campus, at home, at a coffee shop, etc), you may be stopped by a login screen.  Please follow the instructions given in the images below, to access an e-book from any location.

Please remember that your barcode is the long number printed below the barcode symbol on your UPSem Library card.  Your PIN is the first three letters of your last name.  This should be the only authentication you need.

Sometimes you may see a login screen with only the Sign in with an OpenAthens account box, and not the Find your organisation box.  When that happens, just use your barcode and PIN.

Please note that site licenses of certain ebook properties are limited to current students, faculty and staff of UPSem and BTSR.  Community users may be able to open and read these books here in the Library, but may not be permitted to download them.

If you attempt this process and have trouble with it for some reason, please contact our Electronic Services Librarian, Ryan Douthat, at 804.278.4217, or rdouthat@upsem.edu .