E-book error message

This access problem seems to be resolved.  The error message saying “Download limit exceeded” has not appeared during extensive testing.  If you have any problems opening or navigating an ebook in our Library catalog, please contact Ryan Douthat (ext. 217) and tell him about it.  We do want to track down any remaining faults.


The vendor that supplies some of the e-books in our Library catalog has changed the way they construct their access links.  This means that we must update all of the links in our catalog records so our users can continue to read these books.

We have encountered unexpected technical problems with a few of these records, which the vendors are not yet able to explain or correct.  Occasionally when you are trying to open one of our e-books, you will get this error message :

This can happen even if you have NOT exceeded the download limit.  Oddly, the error message will be shown for an hour, and then it will disappear and allow you to go on using e-books.

We are waiting (not very patiently anymore!) for them to sort out why this is happening and make it stop.  But if you see this message, please be assured that you didn’t do anything wrong.  You may be able to use the resource if you wait for an hour and try again!

We do apologize for this weird and frustrating fault.