Wifi problems in Morton Library

UPDATE : John Wilson has installed a temporary router in the Ref Room, so you should be able to get online for now (a new permanent router has been ordered).  The network ID is SRC1002; you don’t need a password.


We regret to say that we have suffered a failure in our WSML wifi network here in the Morton Library.   All of the routers and repeaters are out of order.  However, it is possible to get online on the south end of the second floor, if you pick up the network called “Library 2F.”  We realize that this location is not convenient.

It’s also possible to use the desk computers in the Atrium, Reference Room or Patron Lounge if you need online access.  Those are working — it’s only the wireless that is affected.

Our IT department is aware of this difficulty and they are taking steps to deal with it.  When we have more information, we will share it with you.  We do apologize for this unwelcome development.