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Oxford online Islamic reference resource access links and descriptions:

 Islam in Transition / John J. Donohue and John L. Esposito, 2022

Thoroughly revised and updated in this second edition, Islam in Transition: Muslim Perspectives takes into account the myriad of changes and challenges that Islam and Muslims have experienced over the last twenty years. Featuring numerous contemporary writings, fifty percent of which are new to this edition, it provides a point of entry into the various and changing dynamics of Muslim discourse and politics. The volume presents a wide range of viewpoints from a cross-section of Muslim intellectuals and religious leaders, from secular to devout, traditionalist to reformist, and moderate to extremist.

Modernist Islam / Charles Kurzman, 2022

Modernist Islam was a major intellectual current in the Muslim world during the 19th and 20th centuries. Proponents of this movement typically believed that it was not only possible but imperative to show how “modern” values and institutions could be reconciled with authentically Islamic ideals. This sourcebook brings together a broad range of writings on modernist Islam from across the Muslim world. It makes available for the first time in English the writings of many of the activists and intellectuals who made up the early modernist Islamic movement.

Handbook of Islam and Politics / John J. Esposito and Emad El-Din Shahin

The Oxford Handbook of Islam and Politics offers a geographically comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the interaction of Islam and politics in the post-9/11 era, in an increasingly globalizing world, and in an Arab world transitioning to democracy.

Liberal Islam / Charles Kurzman, 2022

This anthology presents the work of 32 prominent Muslims who are share parallel concerns with Western liberalism: separation of church and state, democracy, the rights of women and minorities, freedom of thought, and human progress. Although the West has largely ignored the liberal tradition within Islam, many of these authors are well-known in their own countries as advocates of democracy and tolerance.

Makers of Contemporary Islam / John Esposito and John Voll, 2022

In this timely and important work, John Esposito and John Voll explore the development of contemporary Islamic movements and thought through the biographies of nine major activist intellectuals who represent a wide range of Muslim societies. Many Muslims have combined revivalist activism with intellectual efforts, but only a few have achieved significant international visibility and influence. By examining the lives and work of nine such internationally recognized figures, Esposito and Voll provide a new understanding of the intellectual foundations of contemporary Islamic awareness and politics.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World / John L. Esposito, 2009

This encyclopedia presents students, researchers, political analysts, journalists, and common readers with accurate, comprehensive, and balanced scholarship on all aspects of the world’s fastest-growing religion and the areas it affects: society, politics, economics, everyday life, culture, and thought.

The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art & Architecture / Jonathan M. Bloom and Sheila S. Blair, 2009

The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture is the most comprehensive reference work in this complex and diverse area of art history. Built on the acclaimed scholarship of the Grove Dictionary of Art, this work offers over 1,600 up-to-date entries on Islamic art and architecture ranging from the Middle East to Central and South Asia, Africa, and Europe and spans over a thousand years of history

The Islamic World: Past and Present / John L. Esposito, 2022

A balanced, accessible reference for students and anyone curious about all aspects of Islam. Even though Islam is a major religion with more than one billion followers worldwide and more than six million in the United States alone, there is still uncertainty and misunderstanding about the ideas, tenets, and practice of Islam. Understanding Islam and the people who believe in it has become crucially important in the greater world. The Islamic World: Past and Present is the ideal source for fostering understanding and answering questions.

The Oxford Dictionary of Islam / John L. Esposito, 2003

Designed for readers with little or no knowledge of Islam, the Oxford Dictionary of Islam provides vividly-written, up-to-date, and authoritative entries. The Dictionary focuses primarily on the 19th and 20th centuries, providing a highly informative look at the religious, political, and social spheres of the modern Islamic world.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World: Digital Collection / John L. Esposito, 2022

An invaluable resource, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World offers extensive comparative and systematic analyses of Islamic beliefs, institutions, movements, practices, and peoples on an international scale. The Digital Collection represents an online expansion of the project, featuring articles previously published on Oxford Islamic Studies Online, now exclusive on Oxford Reference.

The Oxford History of Islam / John L. Esposito, 2022

Esposito has gathered together sixteen leading scholars, both Muslim and non-Muslim, to examine the origins and historical development of Islam–its faith, community, institutions, sciences, and arts. Beginning in the pre-Islamic Arab world, the chapters range from the story of Muhammad and his Companions, to the development of Islamic religion and culture and the empires that grew from it, to the influence that Islam has on today’s world.

What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam / John L. Esposito, 2022

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th, there has been an overwhelming demand for information about Islam, and recent events – the war in Iraq, terrorist attacks both failed and successful, debates throughout Europe over Islamic dress, and many others – have raised new questions in the minds of policymakers and the general public. This newly updated edition of What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam is the best single source for clearly presented, objective information about these new developments, and for answers to questions about the origin and traditions of Islam.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Politics / Emad El-Din Shahin, 2014

The Encyclopedia provides in-depth coverage of the political dimensions of Islam and the Muslim world. Based on the highly acclaimed 2009 publication, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, this work brings together new and updated entries, organized thematically around the major themes of political science: concepts, values, thought, ideologies, structures, institutions, and systems. It covers in-depth topics that are unique to the Muslim world, including basic beliefs; Muslim political history; Islam in specific geographic regions; thinkers and reformers; movements, society and economy; and international relations, to create a single, specialized reference source on this important topic.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women / Natana J. DeLong-Bas, 2013

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women provides clear, current, comprehensive information on the major topics of scholarly interest within the study of Islam and women. With more than 450 articles written by leading international experts and with a concentration on contemporary issues, it is a single source for accurate overview articles covering all aspects of this flourishing area of research.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Science, and Technology in Islam / Ibrahim Kalin, 2014

Based on the highly acclaimed 2009 publication, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, this work includes complete coverage of Islamic philosophy, sciences, and technologies from the classical through contemporary period.