The New York Times

Now you can read The New York Times online

You can set up a free individual account to read The New York Times newspaper online, using our UPSem subscription. You will need to be physically present inside the Library the first time you do this (or at another location within our IP range), in order to set up your account.  Once your account exists, you can read the NY Times anywhere, on any device.

First, click HERE.  If you are inside our network, you will see a NY Times login screen.  The first time you use this service, you will need to click on Create Account, and establish an email address and password that will identify you in the future.  That’s the way this service differs from all of our other databases.

Once you have established an account, you can login remotely on any device, including your smartphone.  This will give you access to the rich content of the NY Times’ extensive coverage of news, arts and culture, science and health, politics and government, opinion, entertainment, etc. (everything but the crossword puzzle).  The mobile apps are especially user-friendly and accessible anywhere!

A direct link on our Online Databases page makes it easy for you to return to this resource in the future.  Or, you can go directly to the New York Times’ own page and your browser will remember you.

Please note : after one year, your login will expire.  All you have to do is come back to the Library and log in again, using the same account credentials.  You don’t need to create a new account.  Just log in while you are here inside our IP range.  You can even set up a Google reminder to let you know next year when it’s about to expire again.