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Alternative Faith and Philosophy Periodicals, 1789-1878

Baptists, Quakers, and Independent Church Periodicals, 1797-1881

Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, and Episcopal Periodicals, 1797-1904

Congregational, Presbyterian, and Reformed Church Periodicals, 1803-1902

Emerging American Religions, 1821-1895

General Interest Christian Periodicals, 1743-1889

Missionary and Charity Periodicals, 1793-1902

Religious Periodicals for Women, Children, and Families, 1804-1878

Religious Periodicals from the Southern US, 1801-1904

Sunday School Periodicals, 1818-1885

Temperance Periodicals in America, 1826-1877

Theology and Biblical Studies Periodicals, 1760-1877


Our Library subscribes to numerous networked indexing utilities and full-text data delivery programs.  You will find direct links to the ones we use most often on the lists above.  For a more comprehensive A-Z list of our EBSCO databases in all disciplines and subject areas, click here.  In addition to these, the Library maintains an extensive collection of electronic research materials and instruments that are not accessible through the campus network. They must be fully loaded on specific computers in the Library, and therefore can only be used inside the building.  For information about those resources, please click here.

Academic Search Complete

A valuable and comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 7,900 full-text periodicals, including more than 6,800 peer-reviewed journals. In addition to full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 11,900 journals and a total of more than 12,600 publications including monographs, reports, conference proceedings, etc. The database features PDF content going back as far as 1887, with the majority of full text titles in native (searchable) PDF format. This is Morton Library’s best electronic source for information outside the traditional bounds of religious studies, such as art and music, medicine, social sciences, history, literature, etc.  To access this resource online, click HERE.

ATLA Religion Database Online

Finding articles in periodicals or essays in multiauthor works is an important part of graduate research. In the field of religious studies, the best index to this type of material is the Religion Database (RDB) created by the American Theological Library Association (ATLA). It is the premier index to journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion. To access this resource online, click HERE.

In addition, ATLA-RDB provides full-text access to ATLAS, an online collection of more than 300 major religion and theology journals selected by leading religion scholars and theologians. Users are able read scanned images of the articles they have selected directly through the database.

Our subscription to this essential resource recently shifted from OCLC FirstSearch to the EBSCOhost platform, offering a more powerful, intuitive user interface.  A tutorial is available to help people learn the special features of this resource platform.

ATLAS for Alums

We also provide the full-text portion of the ATLA-RDB to alumni/ae of Union, PSCE and BTSR.  This resource is known as ATLAS (American Theological Library Association Serials).  Using your Library barcode and PIN, you will be able to open the full text of any periodical article offered, including those featured on The Text This Week.  For more information about this program, click HERE.  To access this resource online, click HERE.

Book Review Index Online

Book Review Index Online (BRIO) offers access to more than 5 million book review citations in all academic subject areas; these include more than 634,000 full-text reviews. These will be especially valuable to you when doing interdisciplinary research in fields not limited to theology or biblical studies. To access this resource online, click HERE.

Catholic Periodical and Literature Index

This index, developed by the Catholic Library Association, provides a detailed reference resource for in-depth research into Catholicism and related subjects. The database includes indexed citations to articles published in Roman Catholic periodicals, Papal documents, church promulgations, and books about the Catholic faith that are authored by Catholics and/or produced by Catholic publishers. To access this resource online, click HERE.

CHOICE Reviews Online

CHOICE is the monthly periodical published by the American Library Association to assist in collection building across many disciplines.  It provides brief, focused reviews on current publications intended for academic libraries.  To access this resource online, click HERE.

Classic Sermon Index

An indexing tool for more than 53,000 historic sermons, searchable by primary biblical text, preacher’s name, subject, and time period.  About 75% of the citations offer links to scanned books in which the sermon was published. A broad range of historical eras and confessional backgrounds is included.  To access this resource online, click HERE.

Digital Karl Barth Library

A comprehensive, searchable database of the works of theologian Karl Barth in German. A refined search interface allows you to locate specific terms or passages in Die kirchliche Dogmatik or the first 36 volumes of his Gesamtausgabe, including hundreds of letters, sermons, lectures and articles. Some treatises and personal papers are also available on the site in English translation (more in English is to be added soon). To access this resource online, click HERE.

Early American Imprints Full-Text

We are now able to offer access to the online edition of Early American Imprints, Series I Evans (1639-1800), and to Series II Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1814).  This resource includes the complete text of works cited in Charles Evans’ American Bibliography, as augmented by Roger Bristol’s Supplement to Evans’ American Bibliography, and the American Bibliography by Ralph R. Shaw and Richard H. Shoemaker. This searchable online collection provides the comprehensive set of books, pamphlets, broadsides, sermons, songs and many other documents published in colonial America and the early United States, and has long served as the definitive resource for research involving early American history, literature, religion, philosophy, and more. To access this resource online, click HERE.

Education Research Complete

An extensive online resource for education research. Topics covered include all levels of education from early childhood to higher education, and all educational specialties, such as multilingual education, health education, and testing. Education Research Complete provides indexing and abstracts for more than 2,200 journals, as well as full text for more than 1,300 journals, and includes full text for more than 550 books and monographs, and for numerous education-related conference papers. To access this resource online, click HERE.

Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception

This unusual new resource is, first of all, a detailed and scholarly Bible dictionary online. It discusses the usage of each term or name in the Scripture itself — for example, the patriarch Abraham. It first discusses Abraham in the Hebrew Bible, with a history of scholarly criticism about this figure. Then it discusses the passages mentioning Abraham in the New Testament : in the Synoptic Gospels, John, Acts and so on. A proper Bible dictionary will do this much.

But then the EBR goes on to detail the understanding of the figure of Abraham in Hellenistic, Rabbinic and medieval Judaism, in modern Judaism, in various Christian traditions, in medieval and Reformation Christianity, in modern Western scholarship, in Islam, and in other ecumenical and religious movements. The entry also discusses the figure of Abraham as he has appeared in literature, the visual arts, popular iconography, music and film. Each section includes many precise references to textual, scholarly and artistic sources, plus a bibliography of representative critical writing on the subject. Each entry is also heavily cross-referenced.

This resource is also available on paper, in the Reference Room (Ref. CD 14 E563).  Unfortunately, their publishing progress is very slow, and they have released only the beginning of the alphabet so far.  To access this resource online, click HERE.

Encyclopedia of Religion in America

A multidisciplinary examination of religion in American life. This authoritative encyclopedia explores the origins, development, influence, and interrelations of the many faiths practiced in North America, including major world religions and emerging sects, cults, and movements.

The Encyclopedia covers the significant denominations and movements that have originated or flourished in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, from the beginning of European settlement to the present. This broad, multidisciplinary work includes coverage of religious life among indigenous peoples; specific aspects of religious life; and the relationship of religion to the political, social, economic, and cultural spheres.

Topics include : church-state issues, environment and ecology, gay and lesbian issues, religion and politics, religious life of African Americans and Latinos, religious thought, roles of women, and worship.  To access this resource online, click HERE.

ERIC : Educational Resources Information Center

ERIC is an online digital library of education research and information. It provides access to more than 1.2 million bibliographic records of journal articles, books, conference papers, technical reports, policy papers and other education-related materials and, if available, includes links to full text. ERIC is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

ERIC currently indexes more than 600 journals, the majority of which are indexed comprehensively — every article in each issue is included in ERIC. Some journals are indexed selectively — only those articles that are education-related are selected for indexing. In addition, ERIC provides access to a growing collection of full-text journal and non-journal literature in Adobe PDF format, including reports from the What Works Clearinghouse. Most materials published 2004 and forward include links to other sources, including publishers’ websites.

To go to ERIC’s own online search portal, click HERE.

Humanities International Complete

Provides full text of hundreds of journals, books and other published sources from around the world. Produced by Whitston Publishing (an imprint of EBSCO Publishing), this database includes all data from Humanities International Index (more than 2,100 journals and 2.47 million records) plus unique full text content, much of which is not found in other databases. The database includes full text for more than 890 journals. To access this resource online, click HERE.


iPreach has been extensively reworked and redesigned, and it also has a new name : Ministry Matters. We have on-campus access to this resource, and off-campus remote access as well, using your network login.  The expandable menu headed BROWSE will show you which resources are delivered in full text.  Use the navigation sidebar on the right to reach particular chapters or portions of the work you select.  The full-text content will appear in the central window.  To access the new site, click HERE.

Literature Resource Center

Access biographies, bibliographies and critical analyses of more than 120,000 authors from every age and literary discipline. Scribner Writer’s Series includes 15-20 page signed essays on more than 1,600 authors and literary genres drawn from 13 Scribner print series. Twayne World, US, and English Authors each contains the full text of 200 frequently used Twayne Literary Masters books on individual World, US, or English authors, for a total of 600 full-text titles. To access this resource online, click HERE.

MINISTRY MATTERS  —  formerly iPreach

iPreach has been extensively reworked and redesigned, and it also has a new name : Ministry Matters. We have on-campus access to this resource, and off-campus remote access as well, using your network login.  The expandable menu headed BROWSE will show you which resources are delivered in full text.  Use the navigation sidebar on the right to reach particular chapters or portions of the work you select.  The full-text content will appear in the central window.  To access the new site, click HERE.

New Testament Abstracts

New Testament Abstracts Online is a product of a partnership between ATLA and the Weston Jesuit School of Theology. The database is an indispensable research and bibliographic aid for scholars, librarians, clergy and students of the New Testament and its historical milieu. The database contains more than 46,000 article abstracts, 17,000 book abstracts, and numerous book review and software abstracts.  These abstracts are fully searchable by keyword, so it’s possible to discover many sources relevant to your research even if the terms you want are not mentioned in the title or subject headings.

Each year an additional 2,100 articles from more than 500 periodicals in numerous languages are selected for inclusion.  In addition, approximately 800 current books are also summarized annually. Article coverage in the database dates back to 1985.  A list of the indexed periodicals is available HERE.  To access the NTA online, click HERE.

New York Times online

You can set up an individual account to read The New York Times newspaper online, using our UPSem subscription.  First, click HERE.   The first time you use this service, you will need to click on Create Account, and establish an email address and password that will identify you in the future.

Once you have established an account, you can login anywhere on any device, including your smartphone.  This will give you access to the rich content of the NY Times’ extensive coverage of news, arts and culture, science and health, politics and government, opinion, entertainment, etc.

Old Testament Abstracts

Old Testament Abstracts Online is produced by ATLA in partnership with the Catholic Biblical Association. All abstracts are in English regardless of the language of the original work. The database features indexing and abstracts for journal articles, monographs, multi-author works, and certain research software related to Old Testament studies.  OTA offers more than 43,000 abstracts of articles, essays, and software and more than 7,000 book summaries.  Content from more than 450 journals is covered.  Topics include antiquities, archaeology, biblical theology, and philology.

Coverage in the database dates back to 1978.  A list of the indexed periodicals is available HERE.  To access this resource online, click HERE.

Oxford Biblical Studies Online

Texts from selected Oxford Bibles can be viewed in side-by-side display with the user’s choice of commentary and annotations from the Study Bibles, the stand-alone Oxford Bible Commentary, and A-Z concordances for the NRSV and NAB translations. The Bible content is supplemented by collections of major apocryphal Old and New Testament texts in translation.

In addition to the Bible texts, Oxford Biblical Studies Online offers quick access to over 5,000 A-Z entries from the Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Oxford Companion to the Bible, and a wealth of other Oxford references. Users can easily navigate to hundreds of topical essays within the Oxford Study Bibles themselves, in The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies, The Oxford History of the Biblical World, The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible, Oxford Bible Atlas, and other works, and access hundreds of searchable images and maps from these major scholarly publications.

At this time, it is necessary to use separate links for on-campus (click HERE) and off-campus (click HERE) access.  We hope to be able to provide one link in the near future.

Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Encompassing over 5,000 A–Z reference entries, chapters from scholarly and introductory works, Qur’anic materials, primary sources, images, maps, and timelines, Oxford Islamic Studies Online offers a multi-layered reference experience designed to provide a first stop for anyone needing information and context on Islam. The current core content titles include the following :

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World, The Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture, The Oxford Handbook of Islam and Politics, The Oxford Dictionary of Islam, The Oxford History of Islam, Makers of Contemporary Islam, two Oxford World’s Classics versions of the Qur’an: M.A.S. Abdel Haleem’s The Qur’an (a prose translation), and The Koran Interpreted (a renowned verse translation by A.J. Arberry), Hanna Kassis’ Concordance of the Qur’an, and many other resources.

At this time, it is necessary to use separate links for on-campus (click HERE) and off-campus (click HERE) access.  We hope to be able to provide one link in the near future.

ProQuest Dissertations and Theses

PQDT is the world’s most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses.  It is the database of record for graduate research, with over 2.7 million dissertations and theses included from around the world (1861-present).  To access this resource online, click HERE.

Each dissertation published since July 1980 includes a 350-word searchable abstract written by the author. Master’s theses published since 1988 include 150-word abstracts. Bibliographic citations are available for dissertations dating from 1637, and more than 70,000 new citations are added to the database every year.  Use the “Advanced Search” screen to comb through this large data set efficiently.  Once you have selected records you want to keep, you can email or export them already formatted according to a variety of citation styles, such as Chicago 15 or MLA.

In many cases, PQDT provides previews of dissertations and theses : you can download the first 24 pages of the dissertation, look at the Table of Contents and the first few pages of the introduction, in order to determine whether the work fits your needs.  You often have the option of downloading the entire text as well.  Over 2.1 million dissertations and theses are available from the UMI vaults on microfilm or in hardcopy, or for download in PDF format.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection

A comprehensive database covering scholarly information on emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational & experimental methods. This is the world’s largest full text psychology database offering full text coverage for nearly 600 journals. To access this resource online, click HERE.

RB Digital Audiobooks

A subscription library offering an extensive collection of audiobooks that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet.  You will need to go to their site (using our dedicated link) and create a personal account, then download the RB Digital app from the app store associated with your device.  Then, find the book you want to listen to and download it from the RB Digital site.  To begin, click HERE.

Religion and Philosophy Collection

Provides extensive coverage of world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy. Religion & Philosophy Collection offers nearly 300 full text journals, including more than 250 peer-reviewed titles. There is some content overlap with the ATLA-RDB, but about 225 of the journals are unique to this collection. To access this resource online, click HERE.


Women and Social Movements

Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000, is a full-text resource for students and scholars of U.S. history and U.S. women’s history.  Many of these movements — such as abolition and temperance — had deep roots in churches and religious organizations; therefore, much of the content is relevant to religious studies.  The collection currently includes 123 document projects and archives with 5,100 documents and more than 170,000 pages of additional full-text documents, written by 2,700 primary authors. It also includes book, film, and website reviews, notes from the archives, and teaching tools. The resource offers a powerful and flexible native interface that can be reached by clicking on the SEARCH tab.

Other Full-Text Electronic Journals

The Library also subscribes to many scholarly journals in electronic form. These journals offer various levels of full-text coverage. For access to these resources and information about them, click HERE.

For further information, please contact :

Paula SkresletReference and Archives