Resource Guides


Internet Resources for Theology Students

The Bible and Reference resources listed in this guide are academic gateways that, while they may vary in scope, rigor, and currency, provide extensive information by experts in the field. Hopefully, the subject tabs at the top of the guide will make it easier to search topics of interest.   These internet resources are to serve as a supplement to library resources.


Biblical Studies (New!)

This is a new and updated library guide that will give library resources for Biblical Studies classes. Currently, we are working on library resource guides for Old and New Testament classes focusing on resources to assist with biblical exegesis papers.  These library guides can also be used as an aid when taking the PCUSA ordination exegesis exam.



Biblical and Theological Resources

This is the first version of library guides to help students with Bible exegesis papers and Ordination exegesis papers.  There is also a “Research and Writing” tab to help students with academic research, skillful writing, how to properly cite sources and how to avoid plagarizing.


3d Research Word Sphere on white background.

Guide to the Research Process

“Everybody does research.  Some just do it better than others”–(William Badke)

This guide will sharpen your research skills by taking you through the general research process step by step.